Invalidovna – živé srdce Karlína

We are Initiative for Invalidovna – an association of professionals in the field of urban development, arts production, communication, marketing and management. We emerged in 2016 to express a social protest against the privatization of the Karlin Invalidovna and to formulate how to revitalize the building in view of the historical monuments and socio-economic needs of Prague. Our goal is to revive the object of the Invalidovna in Karlín and to find its new cultural, social and community use. Thus, the functions associated with the development of civil society, the free artistic space and the provision of a creative environment. From the owner of the Invalidovna building, the National Monument Institute (NPÚ), we are currently lending one-fourth of the building for the purpose of implementing a pilot project on Temporary Use under the title Center for Culture of the 21st Century – Space for Creative Creation and Discussion – October 2019). We are preparing a program focused on permanent and periodic activities, but also on few-day and one-day events. The plan includes community centers, discussion and lecture programs, artistic residences, performances, festivals, installations, exhibitions … and a number of other events. Our pilot project in the Temporary Usage mode is crucial to properly set up the object’s performance in the period before and after complete reconstruction. Thanks to the gradual and well-managed „opening“ of the building to services for the public, NPÚ gains experience and data needed to set the overall revitalization of the building and its sustainable operation. The objective of revitalizing the object should be to maximize its potential and preserve the values ​​that are associated with its origin, ie the service to the public and the needy. All activities and activities running on an object must at the same time lead to a priority goal that is permanent Object Value Preservation.

ČR, Praha, Invalidovna, Karlín, barokni architektura, Vojenský ústřední archiv, historická architektura, budova, letecký snímek ze dne 19.8.2009


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